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The 84th ‘Smile Message' from the Mayor (December 2nd)

Each month, the mayor prepares a message directed towards the councillors of city hall. As this message is openly available in Japanese to be read by the people of Miyakonojo, it has been translated here in order to openly demonstrate the current beliefs and intentions of city hall, its councillors, and our Mayor.


December 2nd, 2019 (Monday)

Good morning everyone.

Firstly, on the 24th of November, our city held an official celebration of the 20th anniversary of friendship city relations.

Miyakonojo, as of November of 1999, established friendship city relations with both Mongolia's Ulaanbaatar and China's Jiangjin province in Chongqing. Following this, exchange between our cities has been conducted not only on the official government level, but also at the general citizen's level, and on this occasion, we have had the opportunity to usher in the momentous milestone that is our 20th anniversary.

This time, we had the honour of welcoming visitors from both cities, and upon opening the official ceremonies, set about to strengthen ties between our cities through a number of events, including a music festival with representatives from each of our 3 countries.

Upon the closing of the official ceremonies, Jiangjin's secretariat, the honorable Mr. Seki, as well as Ulaanbaatar's deputy mayor, the honorable Ms. Ankhmaa, made mention that ‘through the ceremony, the music festival, and our time in Miyakonojo, we have been filled completely with the thoughts and feelings of your city, and we were moved by the wholehearted thoughtfulness of your staff'. All the guests from both of the invited cities were most completely satisfied with their visit. I myself give full marks to everyone for their efforts made on this occasion.

With this, I humbly give my heartfelt thanks not only to the members of the Internationalisation Promotion Office, but also the staff of the Policy Coordination Department, as well as all other related persons who made this day a reality.

Looking forward, I hope that we can continue to deepen the friendship between our cities.

In addition, on the 16th of November, the ‘Miyakonojo 2019 Illuminations' commenced. This year, there are an extra 120,000 lights compared to the previous year, bringing the total to 900,000, lighting up the town in brilliant colour. Thanks to the efforts of the Commerce and Industry Policy Division's coordinators, in addition to our other related staff, the refined quality of these illuminations grows year by year, and you can feel the step-up from last year's settings.

Additionally, as of last year, the music played alongside the illuminations has become a popular feature that many of our citizens enjoy, and above all else, I am pleased to hear from our citizens how ‘the air around the space in the center of our city has changed'.

With these illuminations as well, I myself give them near full marks, but also look forward to how they might be once again improved upon next year.

I would love for everyone to be able to take the time to go and see these Christmas lights, and feel for yourselves how the air around the place has changed.

Well then, the year will be wrapping up in a month, and from the 29th of November, the planned December City Council Meetings have commenced. Let us all continue to work tirelessly to ensure that all of our proposals that go before the council are thoroughly explained and understood, so that they all may be passed. I ask for everyone's assistance in this matter.

Finally, I'd like to talk about the ‘Miyakonojo Philosophy'. This month, I'd like to talk about the last item in Part 1, Chapter 2, ‘Make decisions about right and wrong, not loss and gain. Maintain your good principles as a human being'. This can be found on pages 18-19 of the Miyakonojo Philosophy handbooks that you all carry..

“When picturing making a great dream a reality, considerations as to the righteousness of actions carried out must be made from a basis of common principles naturally held be all people.

We will always return to commonly held principles such as ‘Hold fast to your promises', ‘don't lie', ‘be considerate to strangers'.

Additionally, we must also give consideration to whether self-centered actions that only bring good to ourselves will allow us to further our work.

If you possess an altruistic heart, such that you are willing to sacrifice yourself in order to help others, not only will your field of vision expand, but you will be able to receive the cooperation of those around you.

Holding and moving forward with an altruistic heart will ultimately lead to your own happiness."

As I mentioned in regards to last month's ‘Keeping this Simple', we as an administration must ultimately make our decisions under the consideration as to whether or not doing so would lead to ‘our citizens' happiness and the advancement of our city'. Should you then still become lost, it is important to be mindful of the simple consideration of ‘what is the right thing to do as a person', and to work in line with common human principles and ethics. In other words, ‘Make decisions about right and wrong, not loss and gain. Maintain your good principles as a human being'.

In that regard, each and every one of us have a need to support each other's potential, and beyond this, I believe that it is extremely important that we all hold fast to the Miyakonojo Philosophy. Let us continue to learn from it together.

Additionally, as a follow on from the Miyakonojo Philosophy, every year, I'd like to talk about something that always piques my interest during this time of year. In relation to pants and coats, and especially pants, arriving at work with your hands stuffed into your pockets is something I have seen a few staff members do.

From my perspective, it honestly looks bad, and does not make for a pleasant sight. As this is something I have felt, it is surely something that our citizens have felt as well. While I understand completely that it is cold, it is because of this that I ask you to prepare yourself appropriately with gloves and the like.

As is also written within the Miyakonojo Philosophy, ‘appearances are for our citizens'. This is a pivotal point that all of us must make ourselves aware of.

Well then, as we enter into December, it is going to gradually get colder, but with the closing of this year and the beginning of the next, it is also the season for a number of get-togethers. While it is certainly fine to enjoy yourselves well and drink plenty, and while I'm sure you're all aware of this as staff of City Hall, it is a crime to drink and drive, so ensure that you never do so. In addition, make sure that you take care of your bodies by not drinking too much and avoiding catching a cold, and greet the coming year with vigour. This ends this month's Smile Message.


'Smile Message' Audio

You can find the Mayor's Smile Message in audio form on the Japanese Page (Japanese Only).




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