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The 72nd ‘Smile Message' from the Mayor (November 1st)

Each month, the mayor prepares a message directed towards the councillors of city hall. As this message is openly available in Japanese to be read by the people of Miyakonojo, it has been translated here in order to openly demonstrate the current beliefs and intentions of city hall, its councillors, and our Mayor.

November 1st (Thursday)

Good morning everyone.

As we enter into November, and time flies by leaving only another 2 months of the year, the newest amongst us that joined in April, have now been publicly and formerly accepted into the office as of October 1st. Once again, I would like to extend my congratulations to you all.

In what is now a little over half a year, you have all come from first starting out at City Hall, and you all continue to take upon yourselves the work that has been entrusted to you, whilst continuing to put effort into giving 110% each day, but as you continue your work, I hope that you hold a positive, challenge-driven attitude, as well as sparing no effort to possess a modest mindset and a sense of speed as you attempt to tackle the work before you..

During the mayor's talk following the welcoming ceremony in April, what I said to each of our new staff members was that over the course of this first year, it is a time to ask all the questions you have to the seniors and superiors around you, and learn everything you can. Ask honestly about the things that you don't understand, and absorb what knowledge you can. As to why, if you think ‘I don't want to be involved in anything I don't understand', rather than simply ‘I don't understand', that work will continue to have a large impact on you down the road. In addition, after spending your time learning all these things, when the time comes for you to be senior to our newest recruits next April, we can expect you to guide them appropriately to help them grow as you did. To the senior staff, the talk I have given to the new recruits is as you have heard, so please do your best in taking on instructing as well.

Moving on, last month, Kirishima City in Kagoshima Prefecture hosted the 123rd Kyushu Mayor's meeting, and during this, it was decided that next year in May the 124th meeting would be held in Miyakonojo. This is quite the honour, and makes for a good opportunity to straighten out ourselves and the city. This will be the third time the Kyushu mayor's meeting has been held in Miyakonojo following the 1990 & 2002 occasions, and will be the first time in 17 years.

By the way, presently, across Kyushu and the Okinawa prefecture there are currently 119 cities, but where do you think Miyakonojo ranks for population? It is currently just within the top 10%, ranked 12th. Also, the 11 cities that currently rank above us, beginning with the largest, are Fukuoka City, Kitakyushu City, Kumamoto City, Kagoshima City, Nagasaki City, Oita City, Miyazaki City, Kurume City, Naha City, Saga City, and Sasebo City. When considering our place amongst the cities of Kyushu and Okinawa, it is a relatively large part we play.

In regards to the planned 124th Kyushu mayor's meeting in May of next year, there will be more than 100 mayors, their partners, and their attending staff present; all in all over 400 people will join us in Miyakonojo for a short time. As such, we will need all of the staff at city hall to be at their best when greeting our visitors during this period, so I ask everyone for their utmost cooperation.

Previously on the 20th of October, an evaluation of the number of patrons making use of the facilities at Mallmall opened in April this year was conducted, from which it was found that over 1 million visitors walked through the area that day. I'm very grateful for the fact that such a large number of visitors pass through and make use of it each day. The latest results on October 30th suggested that 660,000 people made use of the library, 80,000 made use of Purepika (Young parent's activity support center), 250,000 made use of the open-air spaces, and including all other patrons made for a total of 1,050,000.

In addition, in regards to the staff at the various facilities therein, the ‘Our citizens are our customers' mindset continues to be shown through the various plans undertaken, improving day in, day out. I would like to once more extend my gratitude for your efforts. Looking at the number of shops that have opened up in the area in place of the previously empty stores, there has been a remarkable change from 9 total last year, to 16 in the first half of this year, and it looks to be that this will continue with the same vigor yet. With respect to the maintenance of the core facilities at the heart of the city, it is as I have said from the beginning since being inaugurated; as we gradually aim for a city ‘Bred from Passion and Atmosphere', we will begin to feel the development of a virtuous cycle.

From the 17th of November, the yearly streetside lights will be going up, and this will mark the first occasion where lights will be installed around the Mallmall area. In an area in which passion and atmosphere has now been borne, I hope to enjoy an even brighter show with you all.

Finally, as we enter into November, we only have 2 months left until the year comes to a close. As I always say to all of you; I ask that you try and work with a sense of speed such that the big jobs undertaken throughout the year are brought to a close around November. The 4 months from December through to March of next year will go by in the blink of an eye, so I always think that you only really have until November to settle into tackling the larger tasks before you, and I truly believe this to be the case. Should you continue to proceed with that sense of speed about your work, then you should well and truly have all of this financial year's work completed by March at the very latest. As such, I implore you to strive to proceed with that sense of speed.

Well then, the days are going to keep getting colder from here on in, so to conclude this month's message, I would like to wish you all good health and wellbeing.


'Smile Message' Audio

You can find the Mayor's Smile Message in audio form on the Japanese Page (Japanese Only).



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