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The 71st ‘Smile Message' from the Mayor (October 2nd, 2018)

Each month, the mayor prepares a message directed towards the councillors of city hall. As this message is openly available in Japanese to be read by the people of Miyakonojo, it has been translated here in order to openly demonstrate the current beliefs and intentions of city hall, its councillors, and our Mayor.


October 2nd, 2018 (Tuesday)

Good morning everyone.

Firstly, in regards to the passage of Typhoon 24, a great deal of damage was suffered across the prefecture, and even in our own city, there are those who fell victim to its influence. While we wish to visit upon those of you who were affected by the typhoon, with the cooperation of the various organisations connected to the city, we also intend to focus our efforts towards repairs and restoration at this early stage.

In addition, as you may be aware, the new Typhoon 25 has recently manifested. As there is a possibility that this typhoon will make landfall as of this coming weekend, and owing to the fact that this typhoon is arriving as we are just recovering from the effects of Typhoon 24, there may be even greater casualties than there were for Typhoon 24. As we look to our city hall to respond to these events as an infallible organisation, I sincerely request for everyone's utmost efforts during these times.

Well then, on the 22nd of September, at the Miyakonojo General Culture Hall, the Symposium on Perinatal Care was held. In relation to the efforts of our staff from the Health Department's Health Division, amongst the accolades received from all of those in attendance at the sold-out hall, and according to the many citizens who were present for the keynote speech delivered by the chancellor of Miyazaki University, Dr. Ikenoue, as well as the various talks held by other related parties present at the symposium, hearing that the perinatal care system in Miyakonojo is top-class throughout Japan made those in attendance once more realise how our city allows one to be at ease during and after childbirth.

Once again, I would like to give my heartfelt thanks to all of the members of the Health division who worked tirelessly on this. Thank you very much.

Recently, we've also received a number of lovely letters from our citizens, including Letters to the Mayor.

Firstly, a letter directed towards the Fire Department's Command and Control Division, in which the following was written:

“I'd like to write a letter of thanks to those who helped save my mother's life. The other day, when I got together with my relatives to eat, my 80 year old mother got a piece of food stuck in her throat, and she went into cardiac arrest. As I quickly called for an ambulance, I also tried to dislodge the piece of food, but it wasn't going well. At that time, I had someone from the Fire Department's control center on the phone on speaker, and as he carefully and calmly guided me through the emergency procedures, the food dislodged itself, and I managed to successfully perform CPR. After 2 days, she was discharged from the hospital in good health."

Furthermore, we also received a Letter to the Mayor directed towards the Long-term Care Insurance Department and our receptionists, which read as follows:

“The other day, when I happened to go to City Hall, I was well-received by the staff of the Long-term Care Insurance Department, but I was also happy to receive a very gentle, easy to understand explanation from them. Further to this, the receptionists were very kind in guiding me to where I needed to go. Thank you very much."

These days, I often hear from our citizens about how they value the way they are greeted and treated by our staff. This is a wonderful thing to hear, and I would also like to give my praise to everyone for their work in this regard. It is most likely that many of you hold strongly the concepts of “Protecting our citizen's lives", or that “our citizens are our customers", and I believe this carries through to the way in which you greet and respect those who visit City Hall. Let us all continue to show such respect to, and work hard for, all of our citizens.

With regards to this, however, there is one point that I would like to repeat once more. In the Smile Message that was delivered July of this year, I talked about the appearance of our staff, but it appears that there is still a few of our staff that have not organised themselves accordingly. When I went and had a look for myself the other day, it was honestly unpleasant to witness. If 99 of our staff are working hard to keep a clean appearance, but 1 person isn't working hard to do the same, then unfortunately, the way that City Hall is valued as a whole will be reduced to the quality of the appearance of that one person.

As I am always saying, if you treat work at city hall with the same diligence as you would treat work in the service industry, then you treat our citizens as you would your customers. As such, if you consider the importance of your hairstyle or clothing in relation to “how our citizens as a customer would feel about seeing a staff member this way", if you receive any feedback from a citizen regarding a dissatisfactory appearance that they deem unbefitting of a city hall worker, or should you receive any similar feedback from a superior or co-worker, please immediately make efforts to improve your appearance. As the mayor, I would like to strongly request this of all of you. Whether you are a member of our HR division or a section leader for any of our departments, I strongly urge you to take these words to heart, and that you also instruct your relevant staff in a similar fashion.

Well then, as we enter into October, and some significantly cooler weather makes its way in, please make sure to look after yourselves so that you don't catch a cold, and make the most of Autumn's sports, reading, food, drink, and all the other pleasures that come with the season.


'Smile Message' Audio

You can find the Mayor's Smile Message in audio form on the Japanese Page (Japanese Only).



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